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This site was created was to provide residents and visitors information about the history, demographics, maps and other useful information specific to Yachats.  Several sections have been updated recently. 

New City Web Site - The city has upgraded their main web site which offers simplifed navagation, a site wide search, a new calendar for city meetings and public hearings, and a new dedicated window for city news. The site will be under development for several more months and eventually will include all the records that reside in the document library. When full document integration is achieved, all of that information will be acessable using the new search service which is based on Google's search engine.

YIPS News - Looking for information about the "Weed of the Month (WOM)? The Yachats Invasive Plant team targets an invasive plant for special attention each month. The YIPS News will provide all the information you might want concerning "Yachats Most Wanted" list.

"Look Spot. See What Jane Did!" - What are those crazy folks in Yachats doing? Click this link for the answer.

River Monitor - The City has installed a River Monitor to study the flow rate of the Yachats River. The initial page takes you to a snapshot of the link with instructions about how to change the start date.

GoYachats Facebook Friends - The number of Friends on Facebook's GoYachats has almost passed 5,600 friends. For the latest news about what is happening in town, visit the GoYachats Facebook page.

Yachats Weather Data - The city Public Works department has installed a weather station on the roof of the new sewer plant. Data from this system is now downloaded to a web site every minute but it takes about 90 seconds to see the new data.  You will need to refresh the web page each time to see the updates.  The current files like Wind Speed show a time stamp so you can determine when the data is refreshed.  You can access the page by clicking on the Weather button on the menu to the left of this text.

History Update - Joanne Kittel has completed work on a major update of Early Yachats History.  This document can be found under the history menu area and includes new information provided by the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon.  This is believed to be the most accurate record of early Yachats history.

GoYachats News - Menus from all the restaurants have been added to the Index area.  Reoccurring events are now an option for both the Sales and Events area.  Additional enhancements are scheduled for Events along with more virtual tours of the Cape Perpetua area and aerial photographs of Yachats.

City Public Records on-line
Yachats now offers web access to all public documents.  All new documents are now being added to a new database that can be accessed via the Internet.  The site is known as the Yachats Document Library.  It is now possible to search public records using both key words and pre-defined search criteria.  If you do not have Internet access at home, Library volunteers are prepared to help you use this service.

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Photos by Ray Still


"Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it's my responsibility to make it better."  Tom McCall



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This privately owned web site does not any have any official connection with the City of Yachats.  Opinions and statement of fact are the responsibility of the the site manager.  If you believe a statement on this site is in error, please contact the site manager.



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