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Noxious Weeds

Control and eradication of noxious weeds is an important community objective.  Listed below are links to relevant web sites for this topic.

City of Yachats Noxious Weeds

City of Yachats Noxious Weed Ordinance

Knotweed Treatment

Lincoln County weeds

No Ivy League - Ivy Removal Project

Oregon's Noxious Weed Policy - Dept of Ag.

Oregon State Noxious Weed List

Oregon Quarantined Weeds

Yachats Most Wanted (brochure)

Yachats Supplemental Plant Information Contains a more extensive list of invasive plants in Yachats, as well as suitable non-invasive replacement plants"


Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District
Technical Specialist: 541-265-2631


Scotch Broom

Japanese Knotweed

Tansy Ragwort



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