City of Yachats

Our Dreams for the Future

The following comments were contributed at a community celebration and inauguration gala for the city's new mayor, Sue Smith, January 8, 2005.


•  A solid infrastructure to support the community balanced with support and value of all of us who make Yachats a beautiful and special place to live.

•  To live here forever! Meet new friends like Leslie and Nancy and Shasta.

•  Maintain the village feel for ALL (residents and visitors alike); to enjoy the natural beauty

•  Regenerate people!!

•  Physically

•  Mentally

•  Spiritually

•  Anti-aging

•  Inter-generational focus

•  Education becomes a priority for EVERYONE!!

•  Keep the "special character" of our village. We need an ordinance to regulate the type of constructions that "viciously" change the original beauty of the dream place which is Yachats.

•  A community garden at the Commons

•  A labyrinth

•  Volunteer skills bank

•  South Yachats walking trail

•  Celebrating youth; encouraging young families

•  Keep the small town feeling

•  "I love it just the way it is!"

•  A wailing wall

•  A place folks can afford to stay

•  More "coastal comfy" ---- less "resorty"

•  A Subway

•  Family friendly

•  Earth Day & Ocean Day '05

•  More parties like this!

•  Yes!!

•  Yachats, Yachats .........Paradise and praise, the Rain the Storms and the Friendliness of the people living here.

•  Dream Workshop for Yachats Community 3-4 times a year

•  Conflict Resolution training (facilitated practice ) two times a year.

•  At the Commons:

•  Monthly family potluck/movie night

•  Monthly "film buff" potluck night


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