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Mayor's radio talk - Jan 2007

4/20/06 Parks & Commons rental rates - Audio

4/17/06 Urban Renewal Report - Audio

4/13/06 Council meeting (skatepark grant) - Audio

4/10/06 Council work session - Audio

4/11/06 Skate Board discussion with City Council - Audio

3/15/06 Green Ribbon final meeting - Audio, Final Report, Graphs & Data

3/16/06 Dyer report on new sewer plant - Audio, PowerPoint handout

2/15/06 Green Ribbon Committee - Audio (there is a piece of the original recording missing at the 16 minute mark when the recorder battery expired.)

2/8/06 Green Ribbon Committee - Audio

2/7/06 Public Works rate discussion - Audio

2/6/06 Urban Renewal consultant - Audio, Urban Renewal basics, boundary Issues, eligible activities

2/1/06 Green Ribbon committee - Audio

1/18/06 Green Ribbon committee - Audio

1/11/06 Green Ribbon committee - Audio

12/06/05 Green Ribbon committee - Audio

12/06/05 Public Works rate discussion - Audio

11/16/05 Green Ribbon committee - Audio

11/9/05 Public Works rate discussion - Audio

11/9/05 Green Ribbon committee - Audio

11/2/05 Dyer Eng. Mtng - AudioSlides 870k PDF

11/1/05 Public Works rate discussion - Audio

10/27/05 Informational meeting - Audio; Slides 147k PDF

10/17/05 Joint Council-Public Works Session - Audio part1Audio part 2

10/10/05 Council Work Session - Audio


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If you experience problems playing these file, check the Audio Help page for detailed instructions about how to resolve the problem.  If this does not resolve the issue, please report it to me with detailed clues about what you did and your computer's response.  I will endeavor to help you resolve the issue and use this understanding to expand the help section further.


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