Yachats Invasive Plants

Yachats Weed of the Month

As of August 2013, YIPS! (Yachats Invasive Plants Subcommittee) has started a new campaign to inform Yachatians about some of the worst problem weeds in our city. Look out for our Weed of the Month posters around town, and download detailed information on these weeds from this web page. Our first Weed of the Month is tansy ragwort.

If you have questions about weeds in Yachats, please call Don (541 961 6695) or Wally (541 547 5474).


May 2014 Spurge Laural

April 2014: Scotch Broom

March 2014: Pampas Grass

February 2014: English & Irish Ivy

January 2014: Knotweed

December 2013: English Holly

November 2013: Clematis

October 2013: Himalayan Blackberry

September 2013: Purple Loosestrife

August 2013: Tansy Ragwort





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